the use of brain surgery to treat mental disorders

In this instance I am using mental disorders to refer to thinking that does not conform to Christ. It happens that I am a ridiculously deep thinker and these posts are the end result of my "psychosurgery" in that they are what has come of much mulling over of something and figuring it out...or more acurately what God has shown / taught me. So here, if anyone cares, or not, are thoughts that come into my brain or things that I have experienced, although not all of them are of a deep nature. Some are just...things. Also, as time goes on and I learn things / God reveals things to me, there will be older posts that no longer express my opinion or belief.

I assume that most of these blog type things are not seen by many people. However, the one true God is absolutely sovereign and if you are here, and something I have written helps you in some way, then know that I had nothing to do with it and he had everything to do with it. Also, that he has brought you here to this obscure part of an obscure website for a reason...and not by accident. Questions or comments, don't hesitate to send them...

go under the knife