No Society, Men Are Not Women

10-September-2017 by crucifyd

This is a partial transcript of an internview Glenn Beck did with the mother of a Navy Seal killed in 2011 during active duty, Karen Vaughn, who has written a book about raising strong kids. These highlights key on what I took as the main point and I see as one of the main problems with our current society. Men either aren't allowed or aren't taught to be men...

The ellipses represent text I left out.

KAREN: ...out of the blue, a friend of mine asked me to speak to a momís group down in south Florida, not far from my home. And she said, I want you to teach people how to raise a world changer like your son.


KAREN: And so I just sort of thought, wow, Iíll go back through these stories, and I will weave the teaching principles into every single story. And thatís what I did.

And my oldest daughter and I wrote 18 tiny chapters in the back of the study guide where moms could sit down together in groups or even dads and go through principles of how to raise strong formidable kids who donít need safe spaces on college campuses. Kids that are willing to run in the direction of whatever it is God calls them to do with their life, instead of running away from it in fear or cowardice. Just kids who can take what life deals them.


GLENN: What was the biggest thing that you get to now and say, had no idea, but, wow, were we lucky we did this and people should do this?

KAREN: The first thing that comes to my mind is as a mom, wow, was I lucky that I caved to the concept that my husband wanted to raise a man. Itís that simple.

You know, in our society, I believe one of the biggest breakdowns in our homes right now is this role reversal and this constant striving of women to believe that they have to be everything that a ó I know this sounds ó this is such a broad thing. And I know it needs to be a little more narrow than this, but thereís a lot to talk about here in our culture, you know, where we are constantly telling men, you have to be more like women. You have to be more like women to fit into this society. And, you know, I was married to a rugged farm boy who had no intention of conforming our son to my ó you know, and I say in the book, I tried to fight that every way I knew ó I was a 19-year-old mom, Glenn, when Aaron was born. And so I tried to fight it every way I could. I entered him in the Troy Tiny Tot Beauty Review. And he won it.


KAREN: While Billy was constantly busy teaching Aaron that he could overcome unimaginable obstacles, obstacles that seemed too huge for him. He would have him out there helping him cut trees on our farm, helping him give birth to calves. You know ó you know, things like that.

And I tell a story about White Cow, this cow who literally terrorized our children on our cattle farm in Tennessee. And this cow ó Aaron was terrified of this cow. He wouldnít walk out the pasture with it. And Billy one day, instead of letting Aaron cower in fear to this cow, he said, Iím going to tell you what, youíre going to stand at the fence right now. And when White Cow ó Iím going to herd the cows in. And when White Cow confronts you, if she charges you son, youíve got to punch her in the nose. Iím sitting there thinking ó Aaron weighed like 60 pounds soaking wet. You know, heís about ten years old, I think. And I was like, youíre going to do, what? But he let Aaron do it. I stood back and let him do it. And Aaron did.

White Cow sure enough charged Aaron that day. And he rared back in a nerve-defying ó like a nerve-racking defiance and just punched that heifer in the nose. Well, you know what he learned that day ó and White Cow, you know, she snorted and snarled at him and took a step back like she couldnít believe what happened, but then in submission she went in the pen. And Aaron learned that day that there was no challenge too great for him. And this is what drove him to become not only a Navy SEAL, but all the way to the pinnacle at Seal Team 6. Those are the things. And I say the greatest principle I can teach any mom is let your husband raise a man. Itís hard not to interfere. But let him raise a man.


GLENN: What was the thing that you found out that you did wrong?

KAREN: Thatís a hard question. No one has ever asked me to evaluate that side, Glenn.

Wow. You know, gosh, Iím not like Iím flawless. But if I tried to single out one thing ó I donít know. Maybe it was that ó maybe it was that I resisted things for so long. You know, that I tried so hard to resist. Speaking specifically about Aaron, not with our daughters, but maybe I tried to resist so much that forging that a man has to do with his son, if a boy is going to turn out right. You know, I did resist it for a long time.

And like I said, Iím thankful that I caved. But thatís the first thing that comes to my mind, is I really did try to resist that. And if I could just speak to women out there who are raising boys, stop resisting. Let your ó let your husband have that role in his ó in his sonís life. And let him be to him what he needs to be, you know, and stop trying to turn both of them into women.

- Glenn Beck / Karen Vaughn -

A Quote

11-August-2017 by crucifyd

recently heard or read this quote, don't recall where:

Son, you can learn everything you need to know about a man's character from what he's willing to do when he thinks he won't be found out.

- Unknown -

50 Years Of Mawage

10-August-2017 by crucifyd

Mawage... ahem

Marriage in today's world is much maligned, considered a "ball and chain" and undesirable. It has become something of convenience as long as it is comfortable for me. This is not really all that surprising since marriage has been instituted by God himself and man in his natural state hates God and all that he has created.

God tells us in Genesis that "a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." God is good, He has ordained marriage, therefore marriage is good. Of course, when you join two sinners together...there's gonna be trouble. Problems in marriage arise because said sinners are trying to do it their way instead of God's prescribed way.

With these things in mind I will say, and I'm certain the honorees would agree, that any marriage that lasts 50 years is by the grace of God himself.

That being said whenever we see a marriage that has been going on longer than an old man like myself has been alive, we should certainly recognize it and with that let's raise ourglasses to 50 years!

- crucifyd -
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Wilson on Various

04-May-2017 by crucifyd

Some Doug Wilson quotes...

From "Reciprocal Stink Eye":

In the fifties, if a woman breastfed her baby, she was thought to be acting like a savage, like she wanted to get photographed for National Geographic or something. Why didnít she do the right thing for her baby and give her this scientific formula in a can? That modernistic hubris really was somethingójust as bad as the postmodern hubris we are dealing with now. In the fifties, the woman who breastfed her baby was a woman who got the stink eye. Today it would be the woman who uses formula who gets the stink eyeówhether or not she had reasonable grounds for doing so. Now as a pastor my concern is with the stink eye part, and not with monitoring how many calories the babies are gettingĒ (Food Catholic, p. 37).

- Douglas Wilson -

From "An Open Letter to the Vice-President of the United States", good article:

Keep in mind that obedience is never easier to start later. Obedience now makes obedience later more attainable. Compromise now does the same thing. Compromise now makes it much easier to continue with the compromise. The man who takes one hundred dollars from his employer now will find it harder, not easier, to resist when the occasion arises to take a thousand.Obedience greases the skids for more obedience. Disobedience greases the skids for more disobedience.

- Douglas Wilson -

From "A Richly Deserved Thwapping":

The cost of health care keeps rising because it is regulated. And regulated things have a tendency to swell and bloat, like a dead cow that has been in the Rio Grande for three days. We should ask ourselves if we have the wherewithal to start exercising a little health care liberty. Without permission.

- Douglas Wilson -

The Sexiest Man Alive

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In a recent Prager U video, which comes to a quite different conclusion than the (at least vocal) norms of society come to, on Youtube titled "The Sexiest Man Alive", this quote was near the end...

Consider this: If all the slackers in the world disappeared tomorrow, the video game industry would collapse, but if all the Ward Cleavers of the world disappeared tomorrow, civilization would collapse.

- Jim Geraghty -

Hilarity On The Tourniquet Ark

16-April-2017 by crucifyd

About a month ago there was a thread on The Christian Metal Realm that included some hilarious posts by a user named "bodachi". The entire thread is here: http://thecmr.forumotion.com/t10094-tourniquet-ark. The parts of the thread that are the point of this post are below...

A little context so this makes any sense:

  • Ted Kirkpatrick is the founder / drummer for the band Tourniquet.
  • Ted's animal abuse / animal rights over-the-top-mania is well known to those who follow the band and / or Ted.
  • "Tourniquet Ark" is a facebook page all about animal issues and may be more than that, but I'm not sure.
  • On The Christian Metal Realm message board, the topic of Ted's over-the-top views came up again in a thread titled "Tourniquet Ark"...

Here are the lyrics for a song Ted wrote which is mentioned in the thread:

If I Had To Do The Killing
by Ted Kirkpatrick

In windowless sheds
They live in misery
Victims of systematic cruelty

Never know a gentle touch
Never know a kind word
Nameless, faceless, voiceless
Soon to be in pieces

If I had to do the killing
Would it change what's on my plate
Could I look at you face to face
And take your life away

Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to see this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to hear this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to see this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to hear this

Let your heart feel their state
Yours is the power to change their fate
Let your heart feel their state

With that background in mind, I give you the first post by user "bodachi":
Re: Tourniquet Ark
Post by bodachi Today at 18:34

If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

I had to slaughter our roosters the other day. I wore my Tourniquet hat and hummed "If I Had To Do the Killing" while I did it..

...a response to this was:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
Post by My Awesome Timothy on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 9:17

Murderer!!! Crying or Very sad That's what my kids tell me, they are veggies!!! Only kidding...... I personally don't know how anyone can kill an animal..... I could not do it apart from fishing that's it. So the majority of the time I am vegetarian to. Haven't touched red meat for years. Is disgraceful the way some animals are killed, IMO if you do eat meat research should be done to make sure the animals are humanely killed. Some videos I've seen on the web are completely heartbreaking. Sad

...to which "bodachi" responed:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
by bodachi on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 19:06

I put them in the garage with the truck running.

Sometimes I feed them than make them go swimming before waiting 30 minutes.

If I'm feeling particularly lazy I lock them in the coop with an Obama autobiography audiobook, a bottle of whiskey and a noose.

Usually (seriously) I decapitate them with one quick swing of my Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete:

Quick and painless.

After a last cigarette, of course.

...and "bodachi" put the icing on the cake:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
by bodachi on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 19:09

^I always ask the condemned rooster if I can call him a priest, but end up calling them a friar.