A Joke


10-december-2020 by crucifyd

How do you confuse a feminist?

Tell her she's not allowed to make you a sandwich

- unknown -

Thanksgiving Prayer 2020


26-october-2020 by crucifyd


Thank you for the great love and grace you have bestowed on sinners like us.

Thank you for giving us life and that you are the very sustainer of that life.

Thank you that in 2020, even though the world is going insane around us, you are in control of it all and everything is going exactly as you want it to, down to the smallest detail...even that hair that just fell out if my head...and because you are in control, and because of your working in us, we can be truly joyful and thankful in spite of circumstances.

Thank you for family, those who have gone before us, those who are still here... and new in-laws. Thank you for jobs, places to live, cars and clothes. Thank you for doctors, waiters and truck drivers. Thank you for plenty and want, good times and hardship.

The list is endless but, most of all, thank you for Christ crucified for our sins, without which, we have no standing before you.

Though we deserve none of it, through your grace, you have given us much to be thankful for. We pray that you would continue your work of making us thankful not only today but everyday.

Thank you for the food you have provided and we ask that you would bless it...

in Jesus name,

- crucifyd -

Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19


02-october-2020 by crucifyd

Back in March I saved this article to read and when I went to do so it had been removed. Thanks to the Wayback Machine it is archived. Unfortunately, the graphs and such that were in the article are not available.

It was posted early on in the Covid hysteria perpetuated by governmnet and the media. It was only up for two days based on the Wayback Machine captures and quickly removed for obvious reasons...this guy is not complying with the narrative.

I have not read the entire article but I have scanned it and read the conclusion which I have quoted here...

You may ask yourself. Who is this guy? Who is this author? I’m a nobody. That is also the point. The average American feels utterly powerless right now. I’m an individual American who sees his community and loved ones being decimated without given a choice, without empathy, and while the media cheers on with high ratings.

When this is all over, look for massive confirmation bias and pyrrhic celebration by elites. There will be vain cheering in the halls of power as Main Street sits in pieces. Expect no apology, that would be political suicide. Rather, expect to be given a Jedi mind trick of “I’m the government and I helped.”

The health of the State will be even stronger with more Americans dependent on welfare, another trillion stimulus filled with pork for powerful friends, and a bailout for companies that charged us $200 change fees for nearly a decade. Washington DC will be fine. New York will still have all of the money in the world. Our communities will be left with nothing but a shadow of the longest bull market in the history of our country.

- disrn.com -
source: https://web.archive.org/web/...

oh, the irony


16-aug-2020 by crucifyd

here's a headline
Bald eagle takes down government drone in Michigan

- disrn.com -
source: https://disrn.com/news/bald...

in case the irony is lost,
here we have the symbol of freedom taking down big government...

View Of The Bible


08-july-2020 by crucifyd

a couple intersting analogies on how you may view the Bible...
My uncle is fond of saying that many Christians approach the word of God as if it is a cat they are dissecting. They want to label all the parts, standing over the word, analyzing and classifying it based on the comfort they think they need. In reality, we are the cat. The word is the knife that cuts — even between thoughts and intentions, soul and spirit, joint and marrow (Hebrews 4:12). The word of God is not a dead thing lying on the table, waiting for us and our insights to put it to use how we think we need to. It is living; it is active. It is far beyond our power to control.

- Rachel Jankovic -
source: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/...

The saddest part about our attempts to relegate Bible reading to a self-help tool or self-development effort is that we speak of the word of God as though it were a skin cream or energy bar. A little something we pull out to improve ourselves, and that we sometimes privately share with others to help them along. An insider tip. A little item we have at our disposal and like to apply as needed, in moderation, with caution. We will do anything to keep it small and controllable. We share encouraging verses with one another as though we were sharing coupons. “Here’s a little something you might enjoy if you need it.”

- Rachel Jankovic -
source: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/...



08-may-2020 by crucifyd

Cleaning out e-mail junk and found some gems...

From January 12, 2009...

Subject: Reset Your Mouse For 2009


You should actually do this every year. Even more often is recommended by Kim Kommando (the computer guru) if you spend a lot of time on the computer.

I was shocked to see how well this works, and how far off mine was!

To re-calibrate your mouse, click and hold on the Y below, then drag the Y toward the g.

If it doesn't work immediately, you might want to clean your mouse, as the calibration is off.

You dumb ass. You'll believe anything

I'm sure you will also recommend this to all your friends once you see how much smoother and better the mouse works after being calibrated! Amazing...

From October 19, 2011...


Ruger is coming out with a new and intimidating pistol in honor of ALL Senators and Congressmen.

It will be named The Politician.

It doesn't work -- and you can't fire it.

From April 3, 2017

This is Big Daddy Don Garlits, the greatest drag racer to ever live, talking about how he repaired an engine, at age 83, for an exhibition run over in England. The car had broken on the first day and he had no "normal" way to fix it...

Lying in bed that evening, trying to sleep, I kept going over in my head what might be wrong in the engine and what I could do to make it possible to do another burnout perhaps on six or seven cylinders. We arrived at daybreak to the pit and borrowed some tools from the pit next to us, and our push-truck driver, Davie, and I took the SR 1 completely apart.

I found that only one cylinder was hurt. Number 5 had a hole in the combustion chamber where the piston had pushed the intake valve through. We cleaned everything up, took the lifters and pushrods out of number 5, and put the heads back on. I cut a small square of a Sprite soda can to seal off the number 5 intake port and was able to glue it on the intake port with a fan’s tube of Fixodent [for teeth]. I reinstalled the intake manifold and completed the engine repair as fans 15 deep around the car cheered me on. They were not to used to watching drivers repair their own cars!

- Big Daddy Don Garlits -
source: https://www.fourwheeler.com/...

From October 4, 2018

A message board posting on a discussion about the Rambo franchise and how there are too many sequals and the names of the sequels are ridiculous...

First Blood
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Rambo II: First Blood Part III
Rambo III: 4th Blood
Rambo: (Really? Now you do you a self titled movie?) 5th Blood
Rambo V: Bled Out
Rambo 18: The Fight for Medicare

From February 16, 2019, automotive humor...
BMW - Big Money Wasted
BMW - Break My Wallet
BMW - Broken Mechanical Wonder
CHRYSLER - Company Has Recommended You Should Learn Engine Repair
DODGE - Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater
DODGE - Dead On Day Guarantee Expires
Dodge - They Do Not Dodge Repair Shops
FIAT - Fix It Again Tony
FORD - Fixed Or Repaired Daily
FORD - Found On Road Dead
FORD - Fraternal Order Of Restored DeSotos
HONDA - How Odd No Damn Acceleration
HYUNDAI - Hope You Understand Nothing's Driveable And Inexpensive
JEEP - Just Empty Every Pocket
JEEP - Just Expect Expensive Problems
LOTUS - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
MOPAR - Moments Of Performance Are Rare
MOPAR - Mostly Old Parts And Rust
PONTIAC - Poor Old Nincapoop Thinks It’s A Cadillac
SAAB - Swedish Automobile Alwaysa Broken
SATURN - Sad Attempt To Unload Returned Nissans
STP - Stop Those Pistons
TOYOTA - Too Often Yanks Overprice This Automobile
VOLVO - Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object

From May 30, 2019 a message board post...

I think they should combine MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
They could call it MyInstaTwitFace.

From October 13, 2019

There were two cannibals eating a clown.
One turned to the other and said,
"Does this taste funny to you?"

It's Me...


03-February-2020 by crucifyd

In a profile of a record collector, he was asked "What does your record collection mean to you?".

Obviously I didn't write this...but I could have...

My record collection embodies exactly how much music means to me, and more importantly, it is the touchable, smell-able, and organize-able representation of my personal journey through music, which I am able to revisit whenever I want. As our world fills rapidly with non-physical stimuli, owning a hard copy of something is one of the highest forms of respect you can have for a medium.

I also enjoy the preservationist and archival aspects of collecting records. Once a piece comes in to your possession, you become responsible for it. When you come across something rare or unknown in beautiful condition, you can always rest assured that at least one copy of the record is safe and accounted for.

Records can quickly become an overwhelming thing to keep track of, but the way you organize your collection can become almost as personal as the records themselves. It’s also reassuring to know that my music collection can transcend digital rights management and – given a crank-driven turntable— total power-grid failure, Waterworld, and solar flares.

- Adam Rowe Lonczynski -
source: https://www.thevinylfactory.com/...

Omar Gets Burned


28-January-2020 by crucifyd

What I thought was a good burn from Matt Walsh.

First, the tweet from Ilhan Omar...

If your “freedom” relies on my oppression, then neither of us are free.

- Ilhan Omar -
source: https://twitter.com/Ilhan/...

then, Walsh's reply...

Said the unborn child

- Matt Walsh -
source: https://twitter.com/MattWalshBlog/...

finally, a reply to Walsh, referring back to the original tweet from Omar...

a great refutation of socialim...from someone who supports it.

- Pia Zidora -
source: https://twitter.com/StevensTeam1/...