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saw this a few months ago...don't know where...

you either understand history...
or you trust the government.

- Unknown -



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this pretty much sums up what I think about the whole "Brandon" thing...and a little chuckle to boot...

The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme of course began as a downstream result of an interview after a race at Talladega, where the fans in the background were chanting the full text of Eff Joe Biden, a ritual which had been erupting at sporting events all over the country. The sportscaster was interviewing the winner of the race, an immortal fellow now, going by the name of Brandon. She gamely suggested to her viewing audience that the obscene chant in the background, clearly audible, was actually a bunch of exuberant fans yelling “Let’s Go, Brandon,” and instanter a viral meme was born.

Not only was the moment perfect for it, but this was a sly way of acknowledging the origin of the chant without descending into the kind of language your average evangelical mother would have swatted you for. And it is not the issue of the language only. There is also the scriptural requirement that we honor the king (1 Pet. 2:17), and although I haven’t chased down all the Greek on this issue, I am pretty sure that eff Joe Biden doesn’t qualify. And so if you are at a sporting event, and let us say that there has been some blue collar drinking in your section such that the unexpurgated chant breaks out, you should rather be dead in a ditch than to join in with it.

But at the same time, if you don’t think let’s go, Brandon is funny, then I am afraid you have a heart of stone, and are probably not a Christian.

And then, when it appeared that the initials of Let’s Go Brandon were the first three letters of the LGBTQ+ incoherence, why . . . it was almost as though a higher power was at work. Your move, atheists! All that remained was to assign a pellucid meaning to the TQ+ part, and presto, I had myself a November entry.

- Doug Wilson -
source: https://dougwils.com/books-and-culture/s7-engaging-the-culture/...


America, In A Constant State Of Distress

10-april-2022 by crucifyd

"Thanks to the cavalcade of economic relief bills prompted by the COVID-19 crisis, the federal debt hit $28.2 trillion in 2021, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That’s an increase of almost $7 trillion in two years.

Consider that our entire national debt didn’t hit $7 trillion until 2004. In other words, the U.S. has accumulated as much debt in the past two years as it did in its first 228 years.


The cost to just finance our debt is expected to be $378 billion in 2021 and increase to $665 billion by the end of the decade, according to CBO estimates. That money will be spent only on interest, not on the principal.

The U.S. is by far the most indebted organization in world history. While debt has been an issue since the inception of the U.S., its rapid growth will continue to challenge lawmakers into creating better programs to reign in expenditures, as well as American consumers who must develop improved way of managing their personal debt."

- Bill Fay -
source: https://www.debt.org/faqs/united-states-federal-debt-timeline/


Who Do You Want To Help?

10-april-2022 by crucifyd

"When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear."

- Thomas Sowell -
source: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/316762...


Revisiting Suffering

26-march-2022 by crucifyd

recently, around the time I read this aritcle: The Joy We Know Only in Suffering I either reread or recalled this post. the previous post and this quote from the article hit me hard, in a good way, with the current situation...

"Satan may despise our suffering because he knows how often it backfires on him — when we face hunger and need and worse with contentment (Philippians 4:11–12); when we treasure what our sufferings can produce in us (Romans 5:3–4; James 1:2–4), and for us (2 Corinthians 4:17); when we rejoice in the tested genuineness of our faith, refined through fire, more precious than the finest gold (1 Peter 1:6–7). When suffering begins to serve our joy and not undo it.

God can build a blazing and refreshing sanctuary in the wilderness. He turns our deserts into places for us to explore and express greater depths of delight in him. Instead of being a threat to real joy, he often makes our suffering a means to even more."

- Marshall Segal -
source: https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/the-joy...

God can make treasure out of trash...and he is definietly working that out in me...



24-february-2022 by crucifyd

First, something to think about...

I was listing to an interview of a then 21 year old DJ of Living Sacrifice. He explained the song "Anorexia Spiritual" and he talked about not reading and praying regularly, you go into an spiritually anorexic state...

it made me wonder, does that describe me? ...does that describe you?

...and secondly, various quotes I found in various places...

"Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?"

- Unknown -

"When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments."

- Unknown -

"Ask questions instead of telling..."

- Jim Zorn -

"If you ever get your eyes off the shepherd and onto the sheep you'll burn out of the ministry very quickly."

- Unknown -

"In short, action precedes clarity, not the other way round..."

- Unknown -

"...the endangered language of common sense"

- Sean Higgins -


Too Much

17-march-2022 by crucifyd

my wife sent me this quote 12 years ago and I came across it in my email recently. Apparently 12 years ago I was to dumb / blind to get it. This is about ME. I am constantly looking to listen to / read everything I can and glean more. And not just theology but any subject that inetests me...

help me Lord with my priorities.

"...A man who hears many sermons, is not necessarily well-instructed in the faith. We may read so many religious books, that we overload our brains, and they may be unable to work under the weight of the great mass of paper and of printer's ink. The man who reads but one book, and that book his Bible, and then meditates much upon it, will be a better scholar in Christ's school than he who merely reads hundreds of books, and meditates not at all."

- AW Tozer -
source: http://www.middletownbiblechurch.org/bstudy/meditate.htm



20-january-2022 by crucifyd

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."

- Thomas Sowell -
source: https://twitter.com/steve_hanke/status/1459853628072771585



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