Hegalian Dialectic

24-february-2023 by crucifyd

Where we are today is no accident and has been progressing for (at least) 100 years. In my opinion the Hegelian dialectic is one of the main reasons our society has slowly been worn down over decades to buy any insanity presented to us...and we are living the culmination, to this point, of that...

Force is obviously a quick way to take control, but lacks willing compliance. Use of words (the dialectic) to gain control is a slow plodding way to that end, but the positive result for the elites is willing compliance. Those who comply are manipulated and convinced, using the dialectic, that it was their own idea and they wanted whatever end result the dialectic is being used to acheive... It has also been used quite effectively in the church.

RC Sproul gives a quick description of the dialectic:

Dean Gotcher does very long lectures on this subject but they are fascinating. Here is a shorter version but more in depth than the Sproul video...

- crucifyd -